how to feeze pane in excel
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How to Freeze Excel Row or column?

What is the use of Freeze Pane in Excel

When we have large data in Excel Sheet, by freezing the first row, you can ensure that the headers remain in view, making it easier to understand the contents of each column as you navigate through the spreadsheet.

How to access the Freeze Pane Option in Excel

Go to View Tab in Excel

Search Windows Category in View Tab. You will get the Freeze Pane Option here as shown in the below picture

There are three options here

  1. Freeze Panes: Select any Cell, It will freeze all Rows above and Left side Columns from Selected Cell
  2. Freeze Top Row: It will Freeze the Top Row while scrolling the data downside
  3. Freeze First Column: It will Freeze the First Column while scrolling the data to the right side

Freeze Row Or Rows in Excel

Select this option to freeze the row or rows only

Freeze Top Row only in Excel

Sometimes we have data with thousand of rows with header in the first row, we have to scroll down to see the data but the first row gets invisible. We can freeze the first row of the header part in Excel for better visibility of the data with the header.

In this case, select the Second option from the Freeze Pane in the Excel

Lock More than one Row or Rows in Excel

Let’s say we have data with a header and Heading part, Now we want to lock or freeze the first row with the top heading of the data, in this case, we will select the cell of the first column, then select the first option from the Freeze Pane option.

Unfreeze Row or Rows in Excel

Once you have done your work, now you want to unfreeze the pane, simply go to the view tab and select the Freeze Pane option, then you will get unfreeze option in the same windows. Click on that. That’s all.

Freeze Column or Columns In Excel

In this section, we will learn how to freeze column in excel

Freeze or Lock First Column in Excel

Select this option to freeze the first column of the excel worksheet.

Unfreeze Column or Columns in Excel

Once you have done with your work, select view tab, select unfreeze column option to unfreeze the Column

Freeze or Lock More than one Column with Row in Excel

Select the firsct cell in next column you want to freeze. Select Freeze Pane (First Option) to freeze the column or columns in the Excel file.

Freeze Both Rows and Columns in Excel

Select the cell after the Row or Column where you want to freeze the Rows and columns of the sheet. Select the First Option in the Freeze Pane to freeze the column and row.

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